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Is this wrong??

Posted by Bonus_Eventus | 16 Mar 2005, 7:42pm

Is it wrong to have a crush......

..... On your teacher. Well yeah its sad but true. I have a crush on my Sir. He is sexy, hot and is nerdishly cute. Nah dont imagine him to be really old. He is just 6 years older to me and he so turns me on. By the way I am also aware of the fact that my hot boyfriend is not going to be happy with the recent development. Yeah.. sad but true I have a steady boyfriend..... I would say he plans to marry me and that means we are steady. But I dont seem to get my mind off my sir. He is one of those hard to find guys who are handsome and intelligent. And its not like Im back stabbing my boyfriend, its just that I am having a not so simple crush on a sir. To hell with people who think that I am being a bitch who backstabs her boyfriend cause no one has an idea how cute and simply irresistible this sir is.
Well you see he is well educated .... he has loadza cash on him and he has a nice car and no girlfriend. It is unfair of him to have no girlfriend. Actually its all his fault. I would be extremely loyal to my boyfriend if it wasnt for the signal that he gave to me. I mean telling a student that you are completely impressed by her is a sorta signal if I am not wrong.
Jokes apart but now I will soon be comparing my sir and my boyfriend to find out which is a safer bet. And then proceed to dumping my boyfriend a little compassionately and giving complete attention to my latest crush ... hoping against hope that it may work....
for now signing off.

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